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Welcome to Ancient Greece. A time of legends - when you couldn’t move for would-be heroes traipsing off to gain riches and glory by slaughtering some poor deformed creature who’d just happened to steal a few sheep. And what about the gods? Bastards the lot of them.

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Bored of the endless toga parties and fighting among themselves, they meddled in the affairs of men, until those mortals raised their fists to the heavens and defied them - whereupon they gleefully descended upon the earth bringing with them torture methods involving endlessly shifting boulders up a hill or having some of the squashier parts of ones anatomy repeatedly plucked out by the local wildlife.

In fact the Greek gods aren’t the only ones getting the Age Of treatment, as the game also revolves around two other eras of gods and mortals, the Norse and the Egyptians. And what better mythical times for the setting of Age Of Mythology, the latest title from Microsoft’s world famous, award-winning RTS series and its first 3D strategy outing?

I have to admit in Age Of Empires II: The Age of Kings, I only took a passing interest in the single-player campaign. It was solid but standard fare, and multiplayer proved to be much more of an interesting training ground.

But in AoM things are very different. For a start there's much more of an absorbing storyline to the massive 36-mission campaign (divided up into the three eras), akin to the quality storyline in Warcraft III. This was frankly the last thing I expected to see in a Microsoft RTS.

  • Gameplay they do well, but a quality storyline always seemed something that was previously left on the cutting room floor.