Acdsee Video Converter Pro 5

  • When I first started offering VHS transfers I initially thought it would be just DVDs customers would want.
Well, I was wrong. And of course it makes sense as younger customers are preferring to convert their old video memories to hard drives and USBs.
I’m also having customers come back to me months later asking if I can turn the burnt DVD I made earlier into an MP4 format.
That’s why being able to transfer or rip previous burnt DVDs is just as important as knowing how to transfer original VHS cassettes to DVD.

ACDSee Video Converter Pro

That being said, there are many video converters on the internet that you can download for free. ACDSee Video Converter Pro 5 is not a free converter. There is a free trial that you could try for thirty days.

Or, there are options to do their cheap monthly subscription plan. Continuing on from my previous ACDSee Video Studio review, I decided to see if their Video Converter stacks up. This program will let you convert various video and audio formats into either a DVD or another popular format.

It can also allow you to upload directly to YouTube. Along the top panel you will find icons that will allow you to add files to the playlist from a designated folder, delete any files from the playlist, rip a DVD, burn a DVD, upload to YouTube and rearrange the order of the playlist files.

Clicking on the add files, I was able to point it to my sample video folder.

And as it turns out, there were two types of files it won’t recognize. One is the infamous JVC .mod video file that a lot of software editors hate. The second is a .VOB file copied directly from the source. Apart from that, Video Converter Pro will read at least fifty different formats. After you have imported compatible files, Video Converter Pro will by default assume you want to convert those files into MP4.

By clicking onto the MP4 icon will let you change all options. You could go by what the program automatically assigns for the bitrate, codec and audio or you can change each one individually.

Ripping a DVD

Video Converter Pro 5 – What Can it Do?

Output Type – Clicking on this drop down window will give you the names of various export options. For example if you were to choose Apple, the Output Format will show various iPhones up to iPhone 7 plus.

Kind of shows the date of the software doesn’t it?
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