5 Meter Air Rifle Target Pdf Printables

Jun 21, 2021 - Explore Sam Holster's board 'Targets (printable)', followed by 194 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about shooting targets, target, rifle targets. Find the 10 Meter Air Rifle Target Pdf you require. Open it up using the online editor and begin editing. Fill the blank fields; engaged parties names, places of residence and numbers etc. Customize the template with smart fillable fields. Add the date and place your e-signature. Click image to view full-size, printable target. Click here to save all three targets as.pdf in.ZIP archive. All these targets will print better if you download them as.pdf files before printing. The first target is ideal for zeroing your scope at 100 yards, and then doing a “box” test to check the tracking. 5 Meter Air Rifle Target Pdfs. Pellet air rifle at 25 feet using TQ - 5 target For all pdf format targets. 100 yard rifle sight-in target for zeroing high: These Targets are printable from any computer printer and include a total of 88 different targets Download as PDF, Documents Similar To Firearm Targets. Mar 05, 2017 25 meter air rifle paper targets. I have been printing my own from a.pdf file downloaded from extremebenchrest website, but wanted a source for the professionally printed targets. I have sent an email to Joe F. At usairriflebenchrest.com. Maybe I will have luck with a. Printable shooting targets and gun targets.

Making the UK's widest range of airgun targets - well over 200 targets now available!

Gr8fun Airgun Targets produce top quality Airgun Targets, Air Pistol Targets, Air Rifle Targets, Airsoft Targets and Rimfire Targets all at affordable prices. We are based in the south of England and source all our parts for the airgun targets from the UK, focusing on local businesses wherever possible.

We are a small family business who listens to what our customers want, you will see below some of the airgun targets we have made by request, many of which become our standard stock items. Don't forget, we are on both Facebook and Twitter where news of the very latest airgun targets, air pistol targets, air rifle targets and developments, free giveaways and special offers are published on a weekly basis.
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Latest NEWS!
July 2021 - OPEN FOR BUSINESS, selling airgun targets online across the world as usual!


April 2021

The New Can Hanger Airgun Target is available!!
y the easiest way to mount a drinks can! Everyone loves shooting empty drinks cans as airguntargets and they are free, easy to get hold of, and recyclable too! (Even after being shot)
The cans will either hardly move if you drill it perfectly or they will bounce about if you get the sides, top or bottom where the aluminimum is thicker, either way, you get a great sound as the pellet strikes.
Available in single and twin packs these fab airguntarget hangers are going to be a common feature of gun clubs, ranges and gardens everywhere.

I was just starting to get on top of things.... and the sun came out!
When the sun comes out people seem to buy airgun targets. I did managed to setup and photograph a few of the outstanding airgun targets that have been patiently waiting to be added to the site.
These are the 3inch air rifle gongs - a little more challenging than their larger brother and these really do move when hit!

February 2021

Still really busy but the stock levels displayed for our airgun targets should be pretty accurate now.
Stay safe everone!!

January 2021
Well, we hope you are all safe and well. Being a small business, in the manufacturing sector and having the workshops and home on the same site we are up and running as normal - sort of - I say sort of as you have been buying more airgun targets during lockdown than ever before! So 'normal' is actually very busy!
It appears that everyone has grabbed their old airgun from the back their cupboards - wardrobes - garages and decided a great way to spend lockdown time is to fling lead down the garden. Which is brilliant and our airgun targets were specially designed to provide hours and hours of fun doing just that.
The shops have been busy too selling our airgun targets, as a number of them choose to email me directly rather than ordering via the website. The result of this is the stock levels shown on the site may be a little out. I try to update them as often as I can but, as I'm sure you will agree my main priority is to get the targets made up and out as soon as possible.

I've still have a number of new airgun targets that I have just not had time to photograph and load to the site, but they will be addressed as soon as the orders are completed.

Stay safe guys 'n' gals and have a superb 2021!!!


December Christmas opening times.
Dues to stock levels and Xmas delivery times the last date you can order with a good chance of receiving your airgun targets before Christmas is 16th December.
After this it will depend on what you order. Stock levels on the website may be a little inaccurate at the moment as there has been a flurry of orders from gunshops and ranges (new ranges! Which is great for us shooters) that have not used the site to place their orders. this will be sorted over the Xmas period.
The workshop will shut for Christmas from the 18th December until 4th January 2021. The site will happily take orders and payment and queue them until the workshop reopens.

Have a SUPERB Christmas break!

November 2020
30th November 2020 FREE Airgun Targets competition winner
This week's FREE Airgun Targets competition winner is 'shumilovravil' (taken from part of the email address).
You have an email 'shumilovravil'.
A 100 pack of PDTs Airgun Targets will be on it's way as soon as we know where to send them!
Thank you to all who participated. Last weeks entries have been deleted and we are starting the list for this week!
Full details on how to win FREE Airgun Targets here

A quick update with this new Lockdown looming.
I work in my workshop and office at my home so production of our airgun targets will not stop. As I'm 'manufacturing' I'm allowed to deliver my airgun targets to the wholesalers, post office and couriers should they need them (and all my airgun targets have been flying off the shelves for the last 6 month or more!!)
This means I've been busier than ever and as a result not had time to develop new airgun targets but this little beauty is *almost* ready.
I still have a small issue with flex of those looonnggg slender legs when a pellet strikes high up, but it is achievable.
No prices just yet as I'm still not totally happy with it and I have a HUGE backlog of orders to address for the trade etc. But I thought you may want to know

23rd November 2020 FREE Airgun Targets competition winner is 'larskarr2016'
16th November 2020 FREE Airgun Targets competition winner is 'M-j-w2001'
9th November 2020 FREE Airgun Targets competition winner 'Banditboy87'
2nd November 2020 FREE Airgun Targets competition winner 'anro47'

October 2020

26th October 2020 FREE Airgun Targets competition winner 'jamesd1984'
19th October 2020 FREE Airgun Targets competition winner 'peteandjanetc'
12th October 2020 FREE Airgun Targets competition winner 'HW35jon'
5th October 2020 FREE Airgun Targets competition winner 'kev1962'

5 Meter Air Rifle Target Pdf Printables Pdf

September 2020

28th September 2020 FREE Airgun Targets competition winner 'Stealthmoocher75'
21st September 2020 FREE Airgun Targets competition winner 'cbr600'
14th September 2020 FREE Airgun Targets competition winner 'larrykar'
7th September 2020 FREE Airgun Targets competition winner 'cliffordel16'

July 2020

New gongs have arrived!
3mm thick for rifle use and just 75mm in size these will be a superb challenge at 50-100m or more!
Pic to follow soon.

24th March 2020

We are still open for online orders of airgun targets and *currently* the Post Offices and couriers are open for business.
Should this change then a message will be posted here, on the home page and any delays expected will be advised.

March 2020 -ptII

With our new look site Gr8fun Targets are running a little experiment that involves giving away a FREE pack of 100 PDTs every week.
All you need to do is;

  • Search airgun targets on one of the three main search engines - Google, Yahoo or Bing.
  • Find Gr8fun Targets in the results (we could be on page one two or three!)
  • Click on our entry to get back to this site.
  • IF you have come from a search engine site directly on to this site the top left-hand side icon '>>' of the site (Desktop only for the moment) will present you will a form to submit to enter a draw that will take place each Monday for a pack od 100 PDTs (UK residents only)

March 2020

More requests from customers!! This time some gongs for rimfire rifles! We have now made a selection of gongs in 6mm steel with uprated chains and clips.

They look fab! More pics to follow.

February 2020
We have just been asked to make some custom gong airgun targets for 100m and more ranges.
Could these become worthwhile adding to the stock list of airgun targets?
Send me a message if you are interested.
Watch this space for progress!

January 2020


Just a quick update.
The workshop is now open for business as usual after the Xmas break. I'm trying to get through all the airgun targets orders that came in after Christmas and over the New Year break. There *may* be a slight delay to my normal turn around times, this purely down to the volume of orders and should only affect orders already placed and any placed this week.
Next week I expect to be on top of everything.

I've got a bunch of new airgun targets planned for this year including expanding the range of spinning airgun targets even further and some rather challenging 17mm moving airgun targets that reload themselves for hours (hopefully) of fun without having to get up and mess with them.
More on these fabulous airgun targets to come!!

Safe shooting!


December 2019

Last airgun target ordering dates!!!
To give me time ensure all airgun target orders are processed in time for the Royal Mails 'last posting dates' target orders need to be completed and paid for by the end of Monday 16th December 2019.

I've had a number of shops ordering replenishments of airgun targets directly with me, which upsets the current 'in stock numbers' shown on the website until I can realign them.
This means there is a small chance what is being ordered needs to be made up rather than taken from stock, the additional day or two allows this and prevents any disappointment.
I will try to get any late orders out ASAP and hopefully in time for the BIG DAY, but I cannot make any guarantees.


Wishing all my customer a very Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

November 2019

Black November time!!

All you need to do is fill your cart as normal with our airgun targets.
As you check out, on page 2 of 3 you will see a field for 'coupon code' just type in


and the discount will be shown on the next page before you commit to an order.
(This also works on the Paypal Express checkout, but you complete the Paypal authorisation first then get returned to this website to include the code and confirm your order)

So you or your family can save on your airgun target Christmas gifts!!
This discount ALSO works with our gift vouchers as payment!

Happy shopping!
*This discount does not apply to the already heavily discounted 'Seasonal Specials' - Sorry.

August 2019

In preparation for the festive season, we have created a range of gift vouchers that can be redeemed on this site.
So you can now ask family and friends for a Gr8fun Targets Gift Voucher and then choose the airgun targets you WANT - rather than just hoping someone else will make a good choice for you!

These are electronic vouchers that can be sent to others via email (all handled in the My Account section of the site) they can even be split so one voucher purchase can end up being a gift for a load of people!

Incredibly versatile and the perfect gift for anyone who has an interest in airgun targets, shooting etc.

June 2019 -ptII

Seasonal Specials on bundledairgun targetsare active again as you guys'n'gals are making the most of the good weather!

Printable Air Rifle Targets Free

Up to 40% off

Make the most of the savings while you can!

June 2019

More new Airgun Targets!

Yes, we are still at it - coming up with even more new and unique designs! This time we were set a challenge by a customer to add a backplate to our garden spinning set airgun target, reduce the width (but with larger spinners) and change the feet.

5 meter air rifle target pdf printables download

5 Meter Air Rifle Target Pdf Printables Free

This airgun target has a 2mm backplate (as it was for sub 6ft/lb guns) but we are looking at getting a 3mm version designed and available in our superb array of steel airgun targets we can offer from stock.

Watch this space for our progress!

May 2019

With the sun coming out and you guys needing more airgun targets to shoot at I've re-done the 'Seasonal Specials' Airgun Target bundles

saving you up to

the price of the targets bought individually!
But only for a short time - so buy your new airgun targets now!

Airgun Target progress in March 2019

EVEN MORE Airgun Target Gongs!
After the successful release of the pistol gongs we were flooded with requests for the same shapes, but in 3mm steel to withstand a strike from an air rifle. Well, we do listen to our customers and we are proud to announce the release of the new Air Rifle Airgun Target Gong.
CNC Laser cut from 3mm steel these fantastic Airgun Targets will provide hours and hours of fun, either out on a club airgun target range or just casual plinking at your airgun targets in your garden.
Order your airgun targets today!

More new Airgun Targets in February!
At last, the first set ofPistol Gong Airgun Targets is available!
There is a selection of 2, 3, 5 and 8 gong stands.
Each gong is currently approx 4 inches diameter (more to be added soon!) The Gongs are made from 2mm CNC cut steel so aimed directly at the Air Pistol Market (you could shoot them with a rifle but they would be likely to dent and over a short time they would cup and be no good - however 3mm version is being cut NOW, so wait a week or so and they will be available too)

I've spent hours (and too many tins of pellets) shooting these airgun targets, they are such good fun. The different stands are to allow those who wish to have 8 targets at different ranges some flexibility creating their own target range... or a simple 8 gongs stand for those shooting in the garage or smaller spaces.

February 2019

I've just added 10 more targets to the catalogue.
They are all in the Cordless Resetting Airgun Target category, but I was asked by more than one customer to list all the various options you can have with the different sized spinners and it seemed a reasonable request. So I've added them for your convenience.

I'm still waiting on some steel to finish off the pistol gongs airgun targets, but I am 90% of the way there!
Watch this space and the press for the announcement, though I will probably be in need of an independent tester-reviewer.
If you know of a good one - let me know!

Safe shooting!


Dec 2018

Christmas last posting times and opening times
The last order time for targets to go out 'in time' for Christmas (according to the Royal Mail) is Tuesday 18th December, which means your
order needs to be placed by the end of Sunday 16th December to give me time to process it and get it to the Post Office

The workshop will physically be closed between Wednesday 18th December and Sunday 6th January 2019. The website will merrily be taking orders during that time but these will not get processed until the workshop opens in January.
I'd like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year along with a huge Thank You to all our customers who have supported us.
There are still dozens of targets in the pipeline soon to be released so watch this space!

20th October 2018

Fifth Special - increased to 40% off - again!
This time two Kill Zone airgun targets (of your choice), two 100 pack PDT's, six tree spinners, a double post spinner and a single post spinner individually £143, for 7 days only this airgun target bundle has 40% off making it only £85.80

You can set up your own garden range or replace some targets at the club!

11th October 2018

Fourth Special!!
Again 40% off airgun targets for 7 days only

Hours of fun shooting a selection of interesting shapes!

6th October 2018

Third Special - More than 40% off the Pistol Silhouette 8 pack!
The price for 8 individual airgun targets is £36 for one week only they will be £20!

Go on! bag a bargain!

Air Rifle Targets Printable

5th October 2018

The second special is an extra discount off Seasonal Special number 6.
Again, 40% off the individual items price. The Bottle Blank airgun target is by far the most looked at airgun target on the website, so hopefully the extra discount will agree with you.
Remember! only 7 days with this incredibly low price!!!!

This airgun target bundle is now only £33 instead of £55!!

4th October 2018

New airgun targets promotion!!
Seven days of specials.

Each day, for the next 7 days or so a new special will be created, exclusively available from this site.
Each special will run for exactly 7 days, so you will have to be quick!

The first Special is the Double Post Spinner set of 6 Individually £96 worth of quality steel airgun targets, 7-day special price, more than 40% off at just £55!!

Sept 2018

The move to the new server went without a hitch. This move was a result of feedback we have received from customers who were having difficulties browsing the site without logging in. We are pleased to confirm the whole site is now fully browseable without the need to create an account.
We hope you enjoy it.

May 2018

NOW over 200 airgun targets to choose from!

Probably the largest selection of airgun targets from one manufacturer in the UK, and we have over a dozen more airgun targets very nearly ready to be released. This is a huge milestone for us that we are very proud to have achieved. Have a look around the website and see what unique airgun targets we have as all the steel airgun targets are designed and manufactured by us, here in the UK.

April 2018

Get ready for loads of new airgun targets! We have been busy, busy, busy and are just about ready to release the first batch of new airgun targets.
We have made some new sized spinners, 45mm top and 50mm at the bottom. Particularly good for springer shooters or those who want to push their targets out to a range greater than the average garden. Still, laser cut from 3mm steel these airgun targets will last years and years!
Now six different airgun targets to choose from! Something for everyone.

February 2018

Incredible progress on our new air pistol targets.
An air pistol 'gong system' is being finalised. Initially a double gong on a stand, this will end up as 2, 3, 5 and 8 gongs. We plan on making different sizes and shapes of these airgun targets a well as in heavier steel to be suitable for all airguns, including air rifles, PCP's, break barrels and pistols of all types.
These airgun targets make the most wonderful sound when hit as well as swinging and bouncing around. They are very addictive!!

January 2018

A lovely little article from Graham Allen of Gun Mart on our Pellet Drop - Zeroing Airgun Targets. These have been available for since 2013 and are very popular, in fact, they were so popular we sold of these in 80 minutes the first time they were available, at the Midlands Game Fair!
I designed these Airgun Targets to help some new shooters that I was mentoring to visualise the path a pellet follows as it travels through the air and how this affects the POI at different ranges.
Very popular than... Very popular now.
Go on, get a pack! They are only a tenner posted.

In line with our previous years, 2017 was another year of considerable growth, both in our physical workshop and office space and our range of steel airgun targets, wooden airgun targets and card airgun targets. Over 30 new airgun targetswere added to our product range last year bringing our total to over 190 airgun target products available on this website!
2018 is looking like another year of a huge expansion, there are still a massive number of airgun targets still in the pipeline, being designed, tested and tweaked to perfection before being made available for sale.
So, if you can't find what you need here either drop us a line and ask or check back later, as it could be one soon to be released!
Safe shooting everyone.

30th November 2017

We now accept Bitcoins as payment for all airgun targets!

November 2017

More airgun targets added to the catalogue today! This time something a little festive - some fine birds for the table. Yes to get you in the Christmas spirit and looking forward to that wonderful meal, we have designed Christmas Turkey and Duck airgun targets for you to shoot at.
OK, the duck is more of a rubber duck than a mallard, but it is still gr8fun to shoot!

September 2017

It's been an incredible summer this year.! Our wholesaler has asked to distribute the Kill Zone range of airgun targets, so keep an eye out in your local gun shops for those arriving over the next few weeks. Demand has increased massively. The new workshop and office space have been filled to capacity and we are now building additional secure storage space and a dedicated spray booth (more than 50% more space again!)
There a whole host of exciting new targets in the pipeline and on test including self-loading chalk airgun targets, pistol resetter airgun targets and bell targets!
Watch this space for progress.

April 2017

Amazing NEW Airgun Targets!
How cool are these?
Gr8fun Targets have teamed up with the innovative and clever peeps at Custom Targets to bring you these little beauties.
They are CNC laser cut from 3mm wooden board, so they are biodegradable, but better still they are such gr8fun airgun targets!
Dozens of tiny - yes TINY, approx 5mm, bulls eyes to snap out with a well-placed shot... and the gap around each bull cunningly will show you how far out your pellet was if it was not spot on. A truly unique idea and design, that is only being produced by our friends at Custom Targets -- and you can buy them here, on this site right now!
Watch this space for a video review of how they fair - but I can tell you now, you will need more pellets as these airgun targets are addictive!! With 24 different wooden airgun target designs to choose from you are bound to find something you fancy having a go at!

Early April 2017

Yippeee!!! More sun!
And more people getting in touch with us. I have had a few requests the Pocket Plinkers Airgun Targets are now available as Pocket Plinker Pin up Packsthese are supplied as just cards, so you can pin, tape, staple them where ever takes your fancy!
Breaking News!!
We are in talks with a manufacturer of a range of REALLY cool airgun targets that will complement our existing range of airgun targets, and provide hours and hours of destructive fun! Watch this space!
Once we are back on top of the orders the air pistol targets will get some attention too.

March 2017

Well at long last the sun has come out!
New Airgun Targets will soon be announced particularly for the air pistol shooter!
Don't forget to follow us on Facebook where there are regular FREE giveaway airgun targets and promotions.
The Killzone Rabbit, Dove and Crow airgun targets are now being laser cut due to HUGE demand!
Additionally, we are just waiting for the spring manufacturer to come back to us before we start production of the first HFT Side Spinning Airgun Targets.
Happy and safe shooting!

Remember!! 15% discount for all established airgun clubs (see 'Important Links' section, top right of the page for more info)