Shea Butter seems like a new phenomenon in the beauty world; however, it has been a part of many women’s beauty regime back in Africa for years. Our grandmothers swore by it as it has a plethora of benefits. So why are so many individuals obsessed with this beauty staple? Shea Butter comes from the nut of the African shea tree and can be mostly found in West Africa. The largest shea producing countries tend to be Ghana, Nigeria, and Uganda. It has been used as a cosmetic ingredient for centuries, with different types of shea butter from white or ivory coloured and it works wonders for the skin and hair. With the high concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins it can help to soften the skin. The body shop has recently announced a new beauty range with body butters consisting of shea butter, so why are all the bigwigs going crazy for this product? Body butters are great for the skin and is a skin moisturizer that normally contains shea butter and cocoa butter or coconut oil. It tends to be thicker than lotion and can be more effective. We look at the benefits of incorporating shea butter in your skincare regime. 

Banishes dry skin!

Rejuvenates dry skin and can be used on problem areas such as knees and elbows. It forms a protective layer around the skin, as it contains beneficial antioxidants such as Vitamin, C, E&A. It works wonders as it is extremely hydrating and will keep your skin moisturized especially during the colder seasons. 


We all aim to age gracefully, and Shea Butter does the job. Due to its anti-aging properties, it can make the aging process much slower. As it contains antioxidants it can help reduce wrinkles. 

Protects the skin.

Strengthening the skin, it can protect and heal stretch marks. The collagen production makes the skin stronger, supple, and great for UV protection. Pretty much an all-rounder!

Relieves skin conditions. 

As it is anti-inflammatory it can help with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It works like an emollient and help soften the skin. It has been proven to reduce eczema in babies. One of the most common skin conditions, you can use the shea butter as you would with any moisturizer, and it can help to soothe the condition.

Deals with hyperpigmentation.

The number one skin concern for many of us, uneven skin tone. So why is hyperpigmentation such a big deal for us? The bane of many of our lives. Over the years, we have been told to try several different products to lessen or get rid of the uneven skin tone. Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition where patches of skin become darker than your usual skin complexion. The discolouration is an effect of excess melanin, affecting many individuals and prevalent in women of colour due to the increased levels of melanin. The use of shea butter can help with dark marks, stretch marks and previous scarring.

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