10 Most Popular Phone Games

With more and more games launching onto the AppStore and Google Play store every week it's hard to know what's in vogue and what has fallen out of favour. Handy for you then that we've dedicated ourselves to keeping you up to date with the most popular games available across both of them.

If you're looking for the top 10, most popular free games for the iPhone - current to this week. Then you've come to the right place. Now, I know what you're thinking.

That's a lot of qualifiers. It certainly is, these games must have a zero price of entry, they've got to be on the AppStore and, frankly, they've got to have been downloaded by a substantial amount of people.

8. Levelhead

In addition to all of this, we are specifically targeting the UK AppStore with our list; that's not because we think that Brits have exquisite tastes, but instead because that's where we live and so that's what we're doing.

1. PUBG Mobile

As you might imagine, this list moves around quite a bit, so we'll be updating it regularly to keep it a reliable source for your low-cost gaming plans. We'll also mention any major changes that we spot every time that we update it, and point out any big changes.

Anyway, start banging your fingers on your screen like a little drumroll, and click through our list to find out the top 10 most popular free games for iPhone.

2. Pokemon GO

Genre: Simulation. Some video games take inspiration from other forms of media, like Fill the Fridge. Taking the concept of those viral social media videos where people stock up their fridges, Fill the fridge has you, well, filling the fridge with a variety of different foods, without actually having to clean or organised your fridge, or spend money on groceries!

Wordle went viral recently on social media, so it's no surprise it has been able to stick in the top ten games on Android.

Wordle is a word-based game where you have to guess a 5 letter word, in 6 guesses. Each guess you make shows you what letters (if any) are correct and if they are in a correct place, to help you with your next guess.

3. Subway Surfers

Publisher: Kiloo. Subway Surfers is a classic game that you can find in your local arcades. In this game, you are able to dash through the city, avoiding dangers and picking the routes that will keep you alive, collecting coins along the way.

It's a classic three lane runner game that is quite addictive! Genre: Virtual Pet/Toy. DIY Joystick is a pretty simple game and acts more like a toy than anything else. You basically get the cover of a controller - one that looks a lot like an Xbox Controller, and you get to design it however you want.

There is spray paint to paint on, stencles to use, and stickers that you can decorate your controller with.

4. Clash Of Clans (COC)

Instead of customizing your own, real life controller - you can make a bunch of digital ones. Coloring Match has made it's way back into the top ten! This game has you taking an item and trying to use different paint samples to color match it.

It might be a cupcake, a car, a plant - and you have a small sheet of paper to mix paint on to see if you can get the proper color to match that item.

5. Candy Crush Saga

When you think you have it, your painted paper is then pushed against the item to see if it matches.

Balls go High is an endless runner type game where you control a giant pile of spinning balls, launching up ramps and hitting different gates. Several gates will increase or decrease the amount of balls you have - and you'll want to have as many as possible.

When you hit the end of the level, you see, these balls are scattered into different buckets that will then give you points and showcases your rank!

6. Among Us

Find out more about Count Masters: Crowd Runner 3D. Count Masters appears in the top 10 often. In this runner-style game, you have a crowd of blue characters that you need to run through gates. It's your goal to have a large crowd, as they will fight against red crowds that you come against.

At the end of each level, whatever is left of your crowd will then take on a massive character, that you will need to defeat to get the best score. Available on: iOS + Android. Find out more about 8 Ball Pool.

7. Call of Duty: Mobile

8 Ball Pool is a pool simulator, where you can play poll and become the best player around. There are competition modes as well as multiplayer tournaments where you team up with people.

This game follows the basics of pool, which is relatable, without having to own a pool table in your own home! Available on: iOS + Android. Find out more about Roblox. Roblox is a gaming platform filled with hundreds of games that you can play, in almost every genre.

There are music events inside Roblox, there are limited time gaming events, and new games being produced each and every day.

8. Angry Birds

These games are multiplayer, but Roblox works hard to have filters in place that keep children safe on their platform. Coin Master is sort of a slot-machine inspired game, where you are spinning a coin master machine to then earn coins, shields, power-ups and more.

You can then use these to update and change around a world - digging for gold, raiding villages and moving up levels. As you conquer villages, you will get more card sets and move into the next village, looking to win more and more.

9. Super Mario Run

Google play store and Apple’s app store is overflowing with the list of great gaming apps, but how do you decide which ones to download. There are many addictive games which no one can ignore at all and most game development companies include them in their portfolio.

10. Ludo King

If you’re like us, you don’t want to ride through journey of download regrets. Every game developer wants his game to be the World no. 1 mobile game in the world. Some of the best mobile games are free and some cost a few bucks.

It’s a great experience to play game on mobile with friends, especially when you can’t get together in person. Playing mobile games nowadays, not just only helps you to relieve stress but also gives you a chance to interact with new people around the gaming community.